Your unfair advantage.

Stand out. Gain trust. Get a better rental home.



Landlords have a hard time deciding if you are a trustworthy tenant or not. Our automatic background check indication and extra details solve this problem for them.


Our profiles get up to 3.8x more offers in Facebook, because they stand out from the regular home search ads and make landlords decisions easier.


Nice well priced apartments can have up to 17 tenant candidates in some cases. 

Why not improve your chances, pass our check and become a prime candidate?

Stand out from the other home search posts

Shared Rendin profile

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Regular search post

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So what is the Tenant Profile exactly?


It´s your personal landing page

It shows you as a prime tenant candidate and makes the landlord decision process easier.


Also your pre-prepared home search post

Launch a beautiful Facebook post with 1 click. It will have all the key info and it can get up to 3.8x more home offers when shared.


It´s your personal home search assistant

Tenant Profiles with Safe Tenant Badge will be shared to our matching home offers. Improving your chances to find the best home.


It´s a trust builder 

Many tenants wont´t get the homes they are after, because landlords don´t have enough info to decide for them. Tenant profile fixes this.


It opens up deposit-free renting for you

You´ll get a Rendin account as a bonus, so if you find our deposit-free home offers, you can become a tenant with just your e-mail.


So what are you waiting for?

Just 29 minutes is all it took to go from sharing the profile to viewing an ideal apartment -

could you do it better?