When you last moved, was finding a home to live in a perfect process? Or could it have been better?

Well, you can help make it better in Estonia and Poland!

Rendin is building a home rental agreement platform that makes the whole process of home renting Fair, Fast, and Flexible. Rendin creates a community of landlords and tenants ready to trust each other, value integrity and fair play.


We’re currently expanding to Poland and are looking for help with supporting Polish speaking customers. 

If you’re the kind of person that can think on their feet and speak their mind - we’re interested! 

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Must have

  • Fluent Polish speaker.

  • Fluent English speaker.

  • Ja kui sa Eesti keelt ka räägid saad sa tugeva eelise teiste huviliste ees.

  • Can work on a schedule between 9-20 including some weekends.

  • We prefer someone based in Tallinn.

  • Salary is starting from 1600 pre-taxes.

  • Stock options are a thing with Rendin

Previous start-up experience is also beneficial - you’ll know what you’re getting into. 

If this is your first time - we work at a fast pace, things are always changing and the people around you are inspirational.


It’s not a routine support job where you just solve problems one by one. We’re looking for the kind of person that can look at a problem and say that if we change something in how we do things, this problem will go away forever. And we’re willing to pay for this.


About Rendin

Our mission is to provide people with an end-to-end home renting solution that significantly reduces unnecessary showings, paperwork, hassle, and risks in the home renting process.

We have already created the safest rental agreement in the world that replaces security deposits with up to 100x more protection. Our preventive insurance, evidence-based claim handling, and mobile-first interface have reduced the time waste in home renting by more than 50% and giving our customers peace of mind.


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If you want to apply or have any questions then drop an email to helen@rendin.co

When you’re ready to go for it, send your CV or Linkedin and some info about why you’re interested to the same email.