What is Rendin Service?

Rendin offers a modern, safe and efficient solution for long term home rental agreements for signing, managing and securing tenants liability with an insurance.

We make the process safe:

  • Both parties backround check

  • Legally solid rental agreements

  • Language support for contracts to guarantee all sides equal understanding of the contract

  • insurance for monthly rental payments and tenant's liability

We make contracting and living in a rental home efficient:

  • rental agreement without the security deposit

  • online signing and management of the rental agreements

  • online info about claim process progress

  • online help for problem solving

The security:

  • Guaranteed monthly rental payments of 3x value of monthly rent

  • Insured tenant's liability of 100x value of monthly rent

How much does Rendin cost?

It is free for the Landlord and 2.5% of monthly rental payment for the Tenant (minimum fee 5€)

Is Rendin safe?

We realize Rendin is a company in very early stage. To give more comfort to why you can trust our product is our insurance partner ERGO - insurance group in Baltics, with more than 650 000 customers.

Our rental agreements are legally solid and create a transparent

ground for both parties.

How can I use Rendin?

Check more on our site:

How do I find a tenant/landlord on the platofrm?

Rendin platform does not have real estate ads. To find objects or Tenants common real estate portals, service providers and also Facebook communities can be used. Our service is independent of platform and help you with the rental agreement and insuring liability related to it for a small monthly fee. In the end both parties will sign up as users on Rendin platform

How are the contracts signed?

Rental agreement and documents related to it are signed digitally - we're in the progress of finding the most convenient solution. Until then DigiDoc (via Dokobit) works.

I'm an expat in Estonia. How do I find out more, about renting an apartment here?